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Green Jasmine - Loose Tea

Barany Naturals

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Jasmine tea is renowned for its exotic bouquet and subtle sweet taste.

Loose Tea Box 60g

With a base of unfermented green tea, fresh picked jasmine flowers are laid on top in the early evening and allowed to slowly ‘pop’ releasing their intoxicating perfume. The process is repeated with fresh flowers up to six times over [and over as many days] pan roasting the green leaves in between. The result is one of the finest jasmine teas available. This blend may be rebrewed several times directly in in your cup. Please, do enjoy!

Jasminum sambac flowers are used to create our Green Jasmine tea. The jasmine flower is mated to green tea under controlled temperature and humidity. It takes four to five hours for the tea to absorb the bouquet and essence of the jasmine blossoms and as with our Certified Organic high grade blend, this process may be repeated as many as seven times to get it just right. It will be refired in between processes to prevent spoilage. The spent flowers are removed from the final product due to them being completely dry and containing no residual aroma. The delicate flavour is now locked in every bag of our Green Jasmine tea.

INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Green Tea with Jasmine Flowers.