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Nod Off - Tea Bags

Barany Naturals

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Nod Off tea is our most popular blend and worshipped by thousands of happy customers!

Pyramid Bags 30g Box of 15

Linden Flower, Biodynamic Apple, Chamomile and Elderflower are knitted together to create a relaxing, subtle brew for assistance with what most of us need the most…a good night’s sleep! Nod Off tea is a mild antispasmodic, nervine and expectorant, it is ideal for those folks who wake between 2 – 4 am in the morning, hot, fidgeting and unable to get back to sleep.

Linden Flower is part of the Tilia cordata species; mostly large, deciduous trees, reaching typically 20 to 40 metres tall. The dried flowers are slightly sweet and gluey, and the fruit is rather sweet and mucilaginous. Known in Australia as Limeflower, it has a pleasing taste, due to the aromatic volatile oil found in the flowers. Current studies have shown that the flowers may be hepatoprotective.

Please do enjoy our Nod Off tea.

INGREDIENTS: Certified Organic Linden Flower, Biodynamic Apple, Chamomile Flower and Elderflower.